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More than just a pretty face. Our job is not just to make you look pretty. Our job is to make you succeed. A solid brand showcases to the world who you are. It brings out your identity and personality, which not only helps you stand out from the crowd, it helps you build trust. And that's the key.


Discovery. We find out what you're about. What you do. What you offer. What makes you different from your competitors. We find out your strengths and help you focus on that in your brand. We listen to you. You know more about your company than anyone else. We need that knowledge to help develop your brand strategy.

Research. We learn about your industry and competitors to gain a wider knowledge of who you are, who your competitors are and who your target market is.

Strategy. We take what we've learned in the previous phases and use that to create a brand strategy. This is the plan or map that we will use to help guide us through the development of your brand.

Identity. When most people think "brand", they usually think of a logo. Your brand is a whole lot more than just your logo. It's your entire image. This comes through in your marketing materials, your website and even the way you answer your phone. And while we can help you build your brand in those other areas (well maybe not in answering your phone), what we focus on here is your logo. Your logo gives a face to your brand. One that you will want to make easily recognizable and memorable. We work with you to help give you a logo that portrays a strong feel for who you are.

Reveal. Now it's time to reveal yourself to the world. You do this through marketing your brand visually in print and in web form. We help you in that as well.

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